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News: New Car Advertising Website in The Country - Free !

04-13-2013 05:00:00

The owners of the car sales website wants people to know how easy it is to connect buyers and sellers with happy ending. Its a project to get people to like the concept of iinternet - and you know, everybody like the word free!

These are several advantages of selling cars online for dealers:

  • Access to million of buyers who re looking for the right cars without driving all over the state to look for what they like
  • Buyers will see your phone number, location and picture of the car before coming to you. Most probabbly you car is their right choice already
  • When buyers click on your car, they still have the option of clicking a buton to view other cars posted by you
  • You wouldnt need lots of space to display your cars,




    New versions of all WorksForWeb classifieds software products have recently been released. A major release is always the one introducing significant changes in the software architecture and/or functionality.

    Version 6.2 is no exception to this rule, featuring a fully redefined system of payments, with an order basket added, and a credit system becoming an optional module. All the above is complimented with a number of improvements and enhancements.

    Key changes in the new release:

    • Credit system has become an optional module. From now on, the admin can use a regular payment process by default, or switch to the credit system if desired. Please check the Credit System addon page for details,
    • A Basket has been introduced to allow customers to purchase multiple listings, options, and features in one transaction,
    • A Listing Reactivation option replaced the old Listing Auto Extension function. Please check an appropriate section of the User Manual for info, and
    • Minor features, enhancements and bugfixes (see the changelog for details).

    We have already upgraded all our online demo websites to the latest version, so feel free to try new features and see how they work:

    Fully-functional copies of our products are also available for immediate download for installation on your server. Once installed, you can modify anything and everything, and when you are ready to purchase, all the changes will remain, and we will only replace the temp license file to the permanent one. 

    Alternatively, you can request a free 15-day trial installation on our server. Please contact our Sales Team for additional information or your project requirements. We are here for you, and are always willing and ready to help.